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HS Assembly Inc is also a designer, manufacturer and integrator of specialized machinery targeting primarily the assembly and material handling processes. Although we work closely with multi-million dollar projects with large local machine builders, our niche are smaller systems typically $150K or less. Our systems have included rotary dial or inline motion machines while incorporating automatic part feeding, riveting, screw driving, staking, pressing and many more assembly functions. We strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions with exceptional service to meet or exceed their expectations. Our 80 plus years of experience are put to good use in developing reliable special purpose assembly machines.

Our machines are designed and built for the individual job to increase production rates and assure quality uniform assemblies. Adjustable features can be included to control the cycle time, the work performed, and future upgrades for automation. Detector stations can also be added to automatically prevent damage to the assembly and to the tooling if parts are not to tolerance. Below are just a couple of examples of machines we have done through the years. 

Portable C-Frame Riveting Machine

Utilizing the BalTec RNE381 modular radial riveting head, this machine is used for riveting buckets for steam turbines.  This  C-frame type machine is designed to be hoisted in the air and positioned at any angle and location. Universal hydraulic clamps are used to clamp the c-frame onto the turbine prior to the riveting operation.   The universal machine incorporates special fixture and tooling for each different bucket style of the turbine.  The entire system was made portable to be used at different project locations around the world

481 Lathe Type Riveting Machine

Utilizing the BalTec RNE-481 radial riveting modular, this machine was integrated to a lathe bed at the customer site and is used for riveting steam turbines.  HS Assembly also designed and integrated a braking system for the lathe for clamping the turbine during the riveting process

  • 20,000 lbs of riveting force
  • Hydraulic clamping system for clamping the machine onto the lathe bed prior to riveting
  • Full travel of the machine along lathe weighs
  • Full travel of riveting head along a linear slide to accommodate different size turbine diameters
  • PLC for controlling riveting, movement and clamping

Adjustable turret to set riveting at different angles


Fully Automatic Hole Punch Machine for Rope Clip Forgings

  • Accommodates 10 different styles
  • Incorporates Vibromatic Automatic Part Feeding System
  • BalTec 50 Ton Press System
  • HS Assembly provided all custom tooling and provided the customer with a Turn-Key Machine

Mode of Operation:

  • Automatically Feed Parts into press with correct orientation- Includes a 5 cu ft hopper system
  • Custom Tooling to escape and present parts under press
  • Automatically punch parts at 50 Ton- Hydro-Pneumatic
  • Automatically ejects parts out of press 

Automatically eject parts out of press

Two Dial Automatic Pump Assembly Machine

  • Two Dial Machine buffered by an accumulation system
  • Each dial produced a sub-assembly which was then brought together to complete the final assembly

Each dial has 8 stations

  • Automatic pump body load
  • Two Automatic O-Ring Load & Installation Stations – Large and small
  • Automatic Grease Station
  • Automatic Valve Installation Station
  • Automatic barrel onto handle assembly station
  • Automatic Pump grease dispersion station
  • Automatic Verification Station (Pressure Check)

Automatic Verification Station (Pressure Check)

Automatic DeFlash and Inspection Machine

  • Designed for 3 Styles – Plastic Injection Molded Pulleys
  • Customer EOA Tooling places (4) 3” diameter plastic pulleys onto our machine
  • Automatically flip pulleys
  • Automatically DeFlash Face of Pulley
  • Automatically Inspect Pulley utilizing Vision System

Ball/Stem Assembly

This dial machine assembles a plastic ball into the stem.  This system features automatic part feeding, a pressing station, inspection station, and a two position air eject station for good or bad parts.

Dial Assembly Machines

This machine assembles screens into filter nozzles.  It automatically feeds parts to the dial.  It has a BalTec radial forming station to encapsulate the screens, a press station for marking the parts, an inspection station,  and an air eject with scrap selection.

Automatic Ball Bearing Dispenser

Automatically dispenses Ball Bearing by Operator Foot Switch Actuation.  Can also be easily integrated to any automation machine.

Steel Ring Detection Machine

This machine detects a steel ring within a plastic injection molded part.  If the ring is not present machine will lock part into fixture until a re-set can be performed.

Automatic Shaft Presenter

The machine shown above presents an array of six 10” long shafts standing up in complete orientation (o-ring grooves and flats on shaft are all in complete orientation).  Shafts are loaded into the hopper at random.   The final result is an array of shafts which are presented to the Customer’s End of Arm Tooling.

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