Distribution Center

Our distribution arm of HS Assembly serves as an exclusive sales representative and distributor for top companies that manufacture factory automation equipment. Our product lines include industry leaders in the fields of product assembly and material handling.

HS Assembly Inc is located in Rochester, NY and consists of a 4,500 square foot facility complete with a machine shop and development facility. 

Our in-house capabilities allow us to qualify and process applications quickly, thus reducing overall response time to the customer. Customers are welcome to visit for "hands-on" product demonstrations or application evaluations.

No matter what your needs are, let our engineers at HS Assembly take a look to see which process is best suited for your particular application. In the determination of the process, we can provide free samples for your evaluation. We can also size the correct machine for you and make recommendations on any tools and fixtures that may be necessary to provide you with a complete solution. In cooperation with the companies we represent below, we can provide you with a turn-key machine. If you are an OEM, our engineers can help in the integration of the machine to any automation system by utilizing our knowledge, experience and expertise in the product lines we represent.




Radial and Orbital Riveters Precision Presses


Baltec offers a full line of riveting machines, available in a variety of configurations to make it easy for you to find a setup that meets your specific manufacturing needs.


Whether the application is pressing, punching. bending, embrossing, riveting, or staking, there is a BalTec press for the job. BalTec's comprehensive line of presses includes manual, pneumatic, and hydro-pneumatic designs along with a complete line of accessories, including the industry's most advanced monitoring and control devices.





Automatic Part Feeding Systems


Vibromatic specializes in parts handling equipment, which includes not only vibratory bowl feeders but also belt style linear systems, floor feeders, orbital non vibratory feeders, Polycast(TM) cascade style feeders, escapement and placement devices. Vibromatic has fed parts as heavy as automotive ball joints to parts as delicate as light bulb filaments. Vibromatic is one of the few feeder companies with a full-time research and development department. Within this department they have over 40 years of combined parts feeding knowledge at work.


Low Profile Belt Conveyors


QC Industries is the industry leader in low profile conveyors. Progressive thinking is part of their daily operation as well as their long term strategy.


  • “Off the Shelf” Flat Belt
  • Cleated
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Magnetic
  • Timing Belt
  • Angled Frame
  • NEW Plastic Chain
  • NEW Inner Drive
  • Custom Configurations



Ultrasonic Welding Equipment


RINCO ULTRASONICS AG has been developing and manufacturing high-performance ultrasonic welding and cutting machines for 30 years. Up to 80 employees as well as over 40 representatives all over the world attest to the quality and performance of our products.

Rinco specializes in:

  • Ultrasonic assembly of rigid thermoplastic components
  • cutting and sealing of synthetic textiles
  • welding and cutting of film and fleece


Automatic Screwdrivers 


DTI is a designer and manufacturer of components and devices for the fastener automation industry. DTI supplies screwdriver systems for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic screwdriving applications. Whether the system is a fixtured or robotic work cell or a portable hand held unit, DTI along with HS Assembly Inc can provide the solution to meet your exact needs.

DTI provides a complete line of automatic screw drivers that can be equipped with torque-monitoring and electronic controls.

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