Service Capabilities

In House Production Services

  • Low to High Volume Production Runs
  • Build only assemblies and fixtures
  • In-House Riveting Machines for low to high volume production runs
  • Some of our “in-house” capabilities and machines include:
    • CNC Milling Center
    • Various Lathes
    • Various Milling Machines
    • Grinders
    • Numerous Riveting Machines
    • Welding Center
    • 2-D and 3-D Design

Riveting Tools/Fixtures and Development Center

We have a full line of  riveting machines at our Rochester facility.  These machines are primarily used for running samples for our customers prior to purchasing any equipment or tools.  We also use these machines for developing special fixtures and tools for riveting and staking.  We can also run production quantities if you would like to outsource your riveting operations.



  • Full line of riveting machinery for tooling and fixture development
  • 20 Years Experience in the Riveting Industry
  • Full Service Engineering Department
    • New tooling and/or fixture design
    • Prototyping
    • Technical Experience in the Riveting Industry
  • Full array of “off the shelf” riveting peens, fixtures and tools
  • Carbide tip riveting and forming tools
  • Custom Frames Integrated to Riveting Heads
  • Custom Riveting Machinery



We have designed and built hundreds of fixtures and tools for numerous applications and industries. We also stock the more general riveting peins. The picture to the near right shows a turn key machine for riveting hinges. This machine utilized a BalTec (Bracker) RN281 table top radial riveter. HS Assembly engineered and manufactured the fixture and riveting tool to rivet four different style hinges. Quick change out inserts were utilized to accommodate the different style hinges. Both ends of the hinge are being riveted utilizing this machine.

The picture far right shows a fixture on a BalTec RN-281 for riveting terminal posts.  12 different styles were accommodated utilizing quick change out inserts.


The picture to the near right shows a custom fixture and tool for staking washers onto connectors.  The machine utilized a "off the shelf" BalTec Press System.  Five different styles can be staked with the utilization of quick change out tooling.  Optical sensors were utilized to verify that the operator places the correct washer onto the assembly prior to press operation


The far right fixture rivets 3 rivets utilizing a circular “lock” configuration for the assembly of a latch stand.  This fixture was integrated to a BalTec RN-331 Riveting Machine.



Custom Tooling

We realize that some applications require special tooling when purchasing "off the shelf" machinery. That is how our "Value Added Services" can help in assuring that you get exactly what is needed for your specific application. Although our "Value Added Services" work primarily in conjunction with our Distribution Division, we can work on any piece of machinery from re-furbishing machines to adding special features such as fixturing and tooling.  At HS Assembly Inc we have both a Manufacturing facility along with experienced engineers that can help in providing a "turn key" solution. If you are a machine builder, let our engineers help by utilizing our expertise in the product lines we represent.

  • Conveyor Systems - We can provide custom features to our "off the shelf" conveyor systems.  The conveyor to the right shows a QC Conveyor where we added a PLC, gates, and some proximity switches for product sensing and diverting
  • Custom Escapements and Tools – We also provide custom escapements and/or tooling to our Vibromatic Automatic Part Feeder Systems.   The picture shown to the right is an Automatic Inspection System where we utilized the following components:
    •  Vibromatic Feeder System to present parts in correct orientation
    • Two Position Shuttle Mechanism
    • Hard Tooling Inspection Tracks – Two Rows
  • Go to CUSTOM ASSEMBLY MACHINERY for larger turn key systems


Full Service Engineering Capabilities


  • 3-D and 2-D Design Capabilities
  • Prototyping
  • Technical assistance for process capabilities
Engineering and Service support for both our custom products and distribution products

Machine Refurbishment


Feeder Bowl Servicing and Re-Tool – Because of our extensive knowledge of automatic part feeders, we can evaluate existing feeder bowls for possible re-tool or refurbishment.  We have retooled existing feeders to feed new parts when economically or technically feasible.  If the existing feeder can not feasibly be re-tooled, we can provide a recommendation or quote for a new feeder system

Machine RefurbishmentWe also refurbish assembly machinery including riveting machines, custom assembly machinery, conveyors, automatic part feeders and automatic screwdrivers. 

Recently, we refurbished a 20 year old dial Bracker riveting machine.  We first evaluated the condition of the machine and made our recommendations.  We replaced the worn components within the riveting machine.  We then provided fixtures to the dial for the new part being manufactured.  We also provided a new riveting pein, and added an air "blow-off" for part ejection.  Quick change out fixtures were designed so that the machine could be easily changed over to run the old part.  If you have an old riveting machine (manufactured by Bracker or HSH) that needs to be re-tooled or refurbished, give us a call.


Refurbishment of 10 Ton Hydraulic Press

This press was refurbished with new feeder bowls, tooling and fixtures.  The pins are now automatically fed into the assembly and the pressing operation is sequenced once all 4 pins are in place.


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